Thursday, March 2, 2017

Weekly Art Project Week 8

Well I have made it Week 8 is based still on my palm tree photo.  I now have four pieces based on this theme all 8in by 8in.

I am wondering if I will continue making more of these or change the theme or approach to the theme.  Something for me to ponder.  I submitted my textile assignment which was all on yarn formation and creation I found it very interesting on Monday to UK.

This one is also based on my hand dyed and patterned fabric (Ironbark Arts with Ali George).  I have not quilted the last two pieces because I am pondering how I want to display them e.g. one quilt; individual pieces - I am not sure!



  1. I saw a photo of 4 of them together ? IG? And they looked really wonderful. If you had them altogether in one piece the individual differences on each would make a very special display. Keep going I am enjoying watching these emerge! But if you change direction I am sure it will be as inspiring as well

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