Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Flower Fabric Postcards

Recently finished some fabric postcards to send over the Tasman and one posted to my Mum.  I used my indigo dyed fabric, hand painted background for flower and free machine embroidery.

Been thinking about a circle quilt or mini quilt with circles using our hand dyes still at the design phase.
take care Rebecca

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fabric Collage 7 and Dyed Fabric

I have been a little sick with sinus and chest infection but I am managing to do some more of my Fabric Collages - here is Number 7.  I had fun using bougainvillea petals sandwich between bonding agent and transparent chiffon.  The fabric I used is hand dyed and the other piece painted with salt used to pattern.  I did the collage in about 35 minutes once I figured out how to capture the petals. It is hot here in Brisbane so that was my inspiration!

Today given the lovely hot sunny weather I dyed some fabric as the base for hand printing layers for Aliquilts Fabric - my favourite colours first shown fluttering in the breeze, with reds and violet fabrics batching tonight.

till next time Rebecca