Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fabric Dyeing

I read today where it is really good for your work amongst other things to blog.  It is a way to look differently at your work and to be more thoughtful.  You build up a relevant visual diary which is both a record and an inspiration.  So I am showing you a photo of what I have been busy doing in the past week - procion dyeing cotton fabric.  I am really doing improvisational dyeing because I think it is important to have some textural elements in the cloth.  I made sure I dyed some light colours too because it is intended that hand printing  be added to the fabric and this will give variety.

take care Rebecca

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I forgot to post this journal quilt "Rust" made a couple of months ago.  It is made with my hand dyed and rusted fabrics and is 12 inches by 15inches.  It is part of the colour series that the eight of us are doing from Upper Hutt New Zealand (well I moved back to Australia later).

The design is based on the letter "H" but improvisationally cut out.  Today I finished "Sea Glass" and I have just posted to New Zealand for the reveal night on 22 April.  Will post a photograph after that night.

cheers Rebecca