Sunday, July 31, 2016

West Australian Craft Show

Ali and I have been busy dyeing and hand printing fabric for sale at the West Australian Craft Show at Claremont near Perth this Friday to Sunday.  We will be running workshops too. I have had an assistant - my beautiful 15 year old cat Collingwood!!

cheers Rebecca

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Odlin Exhibition Lower Hutt New Zealand

We had a fabulous response to our Opening Night of the Cre8 Exhibition at the Hutt Art Centre, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  Shaun and I flew over with my quilts and textile work and we had a great time catching up with friends at the Night.  Some photos of the Exhibition:

My quilts in the Exhibition based on Reforestation in Africa.  The quilts depict 


Grows to a large forest tree - West Africa. Threatened by habitat loss.
My own Hand dyed and Hand patterned fabric.  Applique, machine embroidery and machine quilting.  
28 in by 16 in.

30 in by 16 in


Tall forest tree - Equatorial Africa.
My own Hand Dyed and Hand Patterned fabric.  Applique, machine embroidery and machine quilting.  


Forest Tree - West Africa 
My own Hand Dyed and Hand Patterned fabric.  Applique, machine embroidery and machine quilting.


Worked on my own hand dyed and hand patterned fabric. 

And the last piece I took over was an Eco Lamb Jacket.  We were each given a used Woollen Lamb Jacket from the South Island (NZ) and challenged to create a textile piece.  These are the works. 

 This  Jacket this is mine.  It is eco dyed using eucalyptus, banksia and other native plants from my friend Ali George's property.

The Exhibition is on until the 24th July.

cheers Rebecca

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exhibition in New Zealand

I have been busy stitching and quilting for an Exhibition in Lower Hutt New Zealand.  Details are below:

It should be lots of fun.